The autumn edition of this initiative, sponsored by Grassano, saw kids from schools in and around Predosa focusing on sport and environmental education.

For pupils at Predosa’s schools, this has become a well-established tradition. The autumn edition of Sport&Ambiente (Sport & Environment) was held last Thursday at the Predosa sports complex. It was an event that Grassano had been eagerly awaiting, its purpose being to combine a passion for sport with the concept of environmental protection and with eco-education. This year once again saw high participation, with about 150 children from schools in and around Predosa trying their hand at different types of sport and different educational games. Representing Riccoboni Holding were Ilaria and Nicole Riccoboni, who, together with the Mayor of Predosa, Maura Pastorino, kicked the day off.

The children, guided by sport professionals from a variety of athletic disciplines—some more familiar than others (dance, yoga, kung fu, juggling)—had a chance to try their hands at different activities, learning each one’s basic rules and its potential as a form of social activity. The goal is to convey the importance of engaging in physical exercise from a young age, which can ensure proper development of the musculoskeletal system, regulate the metabolism, and promote socialisation and integration. The format of the initiative saw the students engaged for intervals of about 20 minutes, after which they rotated and started afresh.

Two stations were dedicated to eco-education, with games focusing on recognising waste and where to properly dispose of each type, and road safety education, a subject that is increasingly complicated and important at any age.

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