A leader in industrial waste
treatment and in the recovery
of oils and inorganic materials

Grassano S.p.A is the company that owns and manages the hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste storage and treatment hub of the same name located in Predosa (Alessandria), a state-of-the-art facility and the latest in a line of achievements for this company that has existed since 1957.

Today this facility is a crucial hub for several different raw materials collection and recovery supply chains. For example, it is a leader in the collection of oils and waste oil emulsions, oil filters, batteries, accumulators and other WEEE.

The different processing lines within the hub make it possible to manage both solid and liquid industrial waste, as well as a wide range of treatments to ensure that waste is fit for its final disposal destination. Grassano operates as a qualified partner for businesses in the field of oil refining, the petrochemical sector, and the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, thanks to its established ability to ensure that by-products are managed in the safest manner, its highly certified and consistent final disposal solutions, its specialists in the rehabilitation of contaminated sites, and its ability to store liquid waste in its own large tank farm and solid waste in its own tanks and storage units. The reconditioning and the physico-chemical waste treatment performed at the plant make it possible to optimise flows towards affiliated final disposal sites both in Italy and abroad.

Grassano's processes are certified under the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management system. It also holds environmental management certification UNI EN ISO 14001, as well as UNI ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification.

22,000 sqm of total surface area
sqm of total surface area
7,060 sqm of built-on area
sqm of built-on area
10,871 tons of readily available storage capacity
tons of readily available storage capacity
150,000 tons per year of waste management capacity
tons per year of waste management capacity
The hub also has a system for the treatment of gaseous emissions, capable of handling over 100,000 Nm3/hr. All of its buildings and outdoor operations areas are built on reinforced concrete slabs lined with 2 mm HDPE sheeting, with 100% of rainwater collected. The monitoring system also includes a video surveillance system equipped with video cameras and visual and thermal detection devices, linked in to an operations centre that is active 24/7.
It has also enrolled in the voluntary Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), with registration number IT-001634, in order to provide organisations, regulating authorities and the public with a recognised and transparent tool with which to evaluate its environmental performance.


Privately owned facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories and technologies, continuous research, and investments in safety and in our human capital. All these help to ensure that we can provide a comprehensive range of environmental services and reaffirm each day the trustworthiness that has made us who we are.


Grassano S.p.A. holds an Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale (Integrated Environmental Authorisation) granted by Province of Alessandria Resolution 128 of 21 May 2014 as amended by Province of Alessandria Decree 50 of 26 April 2017 and its subsequent amendments and additions.

It is registered with number TO/001392 in the Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali (National Register of Environmental Managers) for the following categories:

  • 1 (collection and transportation of municipal waste) class E,
  • 4 (collection and transportation of non-hazardous special waste) class B,
  • 5 (collection and transportation of hazardous special waste) class C,
  • 8 (waste brokerage and trade without entering into possession of said waste) class B,
  • 9 (site remediation) class B.
It is registered with number AL 0354339T in the Albo Autotrasportatori cose conto terzi (Register of Hauliers Transporting Goods on behalf of Third Parties) and with number M0001238 in the REN (Italian National Electronic Register).