In order to guarantee an efficient and reliable disposal service, Riccoboni Holding maintains business relationships with the foremost final disposal facilities in Italy and Europe.

In the most notable cases, it has formalised those partnerships that can best help to build management expertise, positioning Riccoboni treatment systems—which ensure consistent quality in line with necessary requisites—upstream of disposal facilities.

This solid network of collaboration with some of Europe's most important facilities allows the Group to offer special waste disposal services abroad to supplement the facilities and equipment it has available in Italy. The range of suitable and environmentally safe options we offer for the most hazardous and difficult-to-manage types of waste is thus enhanced by the addition of facilities for the thermal destruction of solid, liquid and sludgy waste, for the safe long-term storage of special waste, and for energy recovery.

Each of our partners is carefully selected to ensure that the stringent criteria of operational transparency and for ensuring the traceability of our customers’ waste products—which we have established as operating standards—are also guaranteed abroad.

Our “turnkey” transportation and disposal services cover every administrative, technical and logistical step, for better support to safeguard our customers. Specially sent notifications enable the export of waste originating from the Group’s own hubs, from the job sites it manages and even directly from its customers’ production installations.