Thanks to its technical expertise, which covers the entire waste management chain, and its established network, with disposal and recovery plants in Italy and abroad, the Riccoboni Group also offers industrial waste brokerage services.

Positioning itself as the link between the primary actors in the management cycle—in other words, the waste producer/holder and the final recipient of waste (disposer or recoverer)—it strives to secure the producer the best arrangement, from a technical and financial standpoint, for each given load of waste, drawing on its network of relationships in the sector to choose the right actors from the management cycle and create a connection between them.

In so doing, it makes it possible to develop direct management chains for specific types of waste, either with particular characteristics or which do not require any intermediate treatment, preventing the process from becoming more costly due to additional disposal expenses. This involves assuming responsibility for the waste, including in terms of documentation and administration, and this is made possible by a cooperative effort by the Group’s various divisions, which also make it possible to formulate ad hoc agreements with final disposal plants or to issue specific notifications for cross-border disposal.