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at the service of the environment

Tecnoambiente Srl manages the chemical laboratory located inside the Grassano multi-purpose waste treatment hub in Predosa (Alessandria). The company was founded in 1993 as a brokerage agency for the recovery and disposal of industrial waste throughout Italy.

In 2007, the company outfitted itself with a modern chemical analytical testing laboratory to support the operations of the Riccoboni Group. The lab was to become fundamental in terms of expanding the range of services the company offers to its customers and ensuring high standards of efficiency and effectiveness when testing and classifying the waste it manages. The presence of a chemical laboratory within the hub itself makes it possible to provide the utmost operational capabilities to support the activities of the Group's operational divisions.

The chemical laboratory performs tests to correctly classify waste using analytical determination; it identifies the most technically and economically effective disposal chains and guarantees customers its constant support through continuous consultations, all in compliance with the law in force. Furthermore, using its first-rate equipment, it also conducts research and development activities to improve waste production processes and to study and titrate contaminants.

Over the years, thanks to its lab, Tecnoambiente has developed projects to assist with every stage in the waste management process, from preliminary analysis to classification, from identifying the ideal waste disposal chain to customer support.

Tecnoambiente is registered to participate in the Interlaboratory Tests organised by UNICHIM (the Italian Association for Unification in the Sector of Chemical Industry), an organisation affiliated with the Italian National Standards Institute (UNI).


Privately owned facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories and technologies, continuous research, and investments in safety and in our human capital. All these help to ensure that we can provide a comprehensive range of environmental services and reaffirm each day the trustworthiness that has made us who we are.
Chemical Analysis of Waste
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Chemical Analysis of Waste