A digital campaign to document a town that wants to get itself going again after the pandemic, with the unified commitment of institutions, businesses and associations helping to make it possible.

This is the goal of “Predosa rinasce. Volti, persone, esperienze” (Predosa Reborn: Faces, People, Experiences), a series of twenty short videos, each about one and a half minutes long, which bear witness to the hard work and commitment of Predosa’s community and the resilience of the local area, its businesses, institutions and associations as they strive to overcome the trying time that is now behind us and turn their gaze towards the future, difficulties notwithstanding.

The videos have been posted periodically throughout the summer, online on the Municipality of Predosa’s Facebook page and on the website https://comune.predosa.al.it/. The stars of this collective narrative include Grassano S.p.A., which has helped, financially and otherwise, to bring the project to fruition, seeing as its industrial site for the treatment of special waste is one of the community’s most important and active productive enterprises.

“A post-pandemic rebirth also means taking advantage of the crisis to evolve, embracing change,” states Angelo Riccoboni, owner of the Predosa-based business. “We wanted to make our contribution to telling the story of the entire community’s efforts to bring Predosa back to life through the daily activism of its business owners, the actions of its institutions as they put forward initiatives, and the contribution of its associations as they nurture and raise appreciation for the town, fuelling the community's growth”. .

Watch the video about Grassano

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