The Riccoboni Group is taking the field—or perhaps we should say “the court”—to sponsor JB Monferrato Basket for the 2020/2021 basketball season.

“A team game and a constant eye on the future are two of our company’s fundamental values,” says Nicole Riccoboni, Head of Marketing, “and these two requisites determine a company’s present and future, just as is true in basketball. We found these values existed to their fullest in the JB club, which is why we have enthusiastically embarked on this adventure. The strength of the club's new management, combined with a strong focus on the youth sector, form the basis of a collaboration that has the potential to endure over time. Our company has had a presence in the Province of Alessandria for years, through the actions of Grassano SpA. That is precisely why we intend to strengthen our presence in the sporting community as well, so as to build a solid bond and support the area’s major athletic organisations. Basketball seemed to us the perfect place to begin.

We hope that this first season will be rich in mutual satisfactions. We join the fans in our wish to lend the kids on the team even more energy; we also hope to support them in person at the stadium, whose appeal and welcoming atmosphere I have heard so much about from everyone. Go Casale!”

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