Supporting the wheelchair tennis tournament


Once again this year, the Riccoboni Group is promoting the seventh edition of the City of Alessandria “Eugenio Taverna Memorial” National Wheelchair Tennis Tournament, which will be taking place from 24 to 27 August 2023. It is an amazing sports event, offering a unique experience both for participants and spectators and celebrating the determination, skill and passion of wheelchair tennis athletes.


The tournament’s goal

The tournament’s main goal is to promote inclusion and equal opportunities for athletes with disabilities. This tournament creates an atmosphere of mutual support and participation which goes beyond physical barriers, proving that sport can overcome any limits and that challenges can be turned into opportunities.


The tournament’s location

Alessandria has proven to be a welcoming and inclusive city in previous years, offering its full support to this event. The competition will host athletes with disabilities from all over Italy, divided by categories: open, quad, women and junior. The match schedule includes both singles and doubles matches for each category, to be held at the Orti sports complex.

Endorsed by the City of Alessandria and the Region of Piedmont, the tournament is promoted by the “Saves” community centre and the “Volare A.R.L.” amateur athletic association.


Riccoboni’s support

“We chose to support this initiative because we believe in the power of sport to promote positive values, to generate genuine passion and to create a sense of belonging. Our support and cheering for the athletes in this wheelchair tennis tournament reflect our commitment to inclusion, motivation and inspiration”, emphasised the CEO, Angelo Riccoboni.


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