A close collaboration between businesses and training institutes in the region can offer mutual benefits: on the one hand, it makes it easier to create technology transfer and applied research pathways from the academic world to industry, and on the other hand, it develops opportunities to gain direct knowledge of the world of work, which enrich training processes and can make students’ future professional choices easier.  
Following Riccoboni Holding’s guidance in the relationship between business and the education system, Eco.Impresa recently launched several important initiatives and established ongoing collaborations with the civil and environmental engineering Bachelor’s Degree course at the Polytechnic University of Bari and with the “Pantanelli - Monnet” technical institute in Ostuni. 
The relationship with the Polytechnic began following the scientific advice received to create an operational protocol and a programme of experimental tests on the business analysis laboratory’s work. This experience evolved with the stipulation of a guidance, training and internship agreement to allow several environmental engineering undergraduates to complete their training course with an internship at Eco.Impresa. The first student has already finished his work placement and successfully defended his dissertation based on the mass balance analysis of the factory over the last five years. The quality of his experience has led to a collaboration on the workforce. New courses are about to be launched. 
While the cooperation with the technical institute in Ostuni marks the start of a fresh focus on secondary schools in the region to alternate between school and the world of work or to run environmental education lessons at institutes that train students with an educational and professional profile in line with the requirements of the environmental management industry. An agreement was also made in this case to run company internships capable of improving students’ skills through experience in a real professional environment, with the first student already benefiting from this course. 

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