Grassano SpA, a part of the Riccoboni Group, has taken the field in support of the Uspidalet Foundation, a non-profit based in the Alessandria area that is on the front lines of a fundraising effort to develop projects involving Alessandria’s three public hospitals: The “Cesare Arrigo” Children's Hospital, better known simply as the “Uspidalet”, the “Santi Antonio e Biagio” Hospital and the “Centro Riabilitativo Polifunzionale Borsalino” multi-purpose rehabilitation centre.

The first contact between the Riccoboni Group and the Foundation occurred at a fundraising dinner held in October 2019 to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the non-profit's founding, after which the Group came to the decision to become active members of the charitable association, through the Group company that had the most history and deepest roots in the Alessandria area.

The mission of the Uspidalet Foundation is to give the people of Alessandria and its surrounding area the opportunity to be cared for with state-of-the-art equipment and in comfortable environments without having to face long and costly stays in facilities further away. In the Foundation’s ten years of activity, that commitment manifested in the form of 77 projects actualised and over 3.8 million euros raised from subscriptions and donations. The Riccoboni Group recognised, in the values expressed by the Foundation, the same ethical model from which it has always drawn inspiration and took a decision to become a Gold supporting member, as concrete proof of its social responsibility towards the area where two of its companies, Grassano SpA and Tecnoambiente, are based and where 120 of the Group's collaborators work.

“We are very glad to have become members of the Uspidalet Foundation and to be able to contribute to the actualisation of this not-for-profit’s projects by expanding fundraising activities for the hospital,” says Marco Riccoboni, CEO of Riccoboni Holding. “In respect of the ethical model handed down to my brother Angelo and me by our father, we have always been committed to tangibly transferring value to the areas in which we operate and guaranteeing a future for our employees in the same way we do for our own loved ones. We are convinced that this synergy, driven by the fact that we share all of the values that inspire the Foundation, will allow us to bring to fruition important projects that will benefit every local resident.”

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