The Roberto Riccoboni Solidal Award was founded to support research

Presented today in the Moncalvo Hall of Alessandria Hospital


A €15,000 award for the best project submitted by professionals from the Research Laboratories Unit of the Department of Integrated Research and Innovation Activities (DAIRI). This is the amount offered by the Roberto Riccoboni Solidal Award, presented today in the Moncalvo Hall at Via Venezia, 16.

This award was founded from the partnership between Solidal per la Ricerca, which developed from the collaboration between the Solidal Non-Profit Foundation and Alessandria Hospital to support healthcare research, and Riccoboni Holding Srl, a leading group in integrated environmental management, special waste disposal and treatment, and contaminant remediation.

This Award, in memory of Roberto Riccoboni, therefore aims to support healthcare research based on rewarding merit, with a special focus on the ability to study diseases linked to environmental factors, as well as on innovative contributions linked to laboratories’ work, on the value and impact generated in response to the region’s health needs and on the increase in scientific production of these laboratories.

The Research Laboratories Unit of DAIRI works to coordinate and consolidate the research carried out by many integrated laboratories at Alessandria Hospital and the Department of Science and Technological Innovation (DiSIT) at the University of Eastern Piedmont.

All researchers at Alessandria Hospital, the Alessandria Local Health Authority and the University of Eastern Piedmont related to this unit can take part in the award. Applications must be submitted by 25 October 2023 and the winner of the award will be announced on 20 November at “Research Week 2023”.

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Luciano Bernini, Alessandria Hospital Medical Director

“While thanking the Riccoboni family, I would like to underline one important underlying aspect of this Award along the Hospital’s significant transformation process into a University Hospital: the Research Laboratories enhance the close synergy with the University of Eastern Piedmont, highlighting the great productivity of this sector for patients”.


Annalisa Roveta, Research Laboratories Unit Manager

“The Roberto Riccoboni Solidal Award has special importance for the Unit, because it is an innovative way to stimulate and promote the project skills of professionals in the integrated laboratory network who, as we should remember, carry out their work in full collaboration with the University of Eastern Piedmont, pursuing the goal of implementing translational research projects. Researchers usually deal with national and international tenders, but with this award they have the possibility of carrying out their projects more quickly thanks to the support that comes straight from the region. What we are doing today is therefore a great new way to enhance research, which is always difficult to bring to the community’s attention”.


Leonardo Marchese, Head of the Department of Science and Technological Innovation at UPO

“The process that links the University of Eastern Piedmont and Alessandria Hospital has been going on for many years and has been getting stronger first with the involvement of many professionals and students and then with the establishment of the integrated Research Laboratories which form our circle of collaboration in enhancing research and accreditation as an IRCCS. So we would like to thank Riccoboni Holding, which allows us to give extra visibility to this synergy and, above all, to the research of all our professionals”.


Marco Riccoboni, Riccoboni Holding President

“The Roberto Riccoboni award is in memory of our big brother, who was a role model in my growth and for my brother Angelo, so this award shows our desire to help protect a region which has developed a strong bond with us, being originally from Parma, during these years of work.

We therefore believe it is important to contribute to the gathering and documentation of scientific evidence that can help understand environmental changes that affect human health.

With this award, Riccoboni Holding also intends to support and sustain Alessandria Hospital’s path towards recognition as a Research Hospital (IRCCS) for environmental diseases”.


Mariasilvia Como, Solidal per la Ricerca representative

“Thanks to Riccoboni Holding for the awareness they have shown, which allows us to make our work connected to research visible, encouraging greater understanding of it in the community. The partnership agreement between Solidal and Riccoboni Holding is actually one of the great things that help build the culture of research and consequently of giving in the region. The award fits nicely into the idea of enhancing the three areas of research which the Solidal Board intends to support this year, i.e. laboratories, environmental diseases and the biobank”.


Antonio Maconi, Head of the Department of Integrated Research and Innovation Activities

“This Award in memory of Roberto Riccoboni intends to support the best project proposal by professionals from the Research Laboratories Unit of DAIRI. The agreement between Alessandria Hospital and DiSIT was renewed in January 2021, also including a research staff exchange, the joint use of research infrastructures and equipment and the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, with a view to promoting and strengthening interdisciplinary preclinical, translational and technological-application research in biological, chemical, physical, IT and mathematical fields. Particular attention is given to research focused on environmental diseases, which are also at the heart of the major collaboration created between Riccoboni Holding, DAIRI and Solidal per la Ricerca”.


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