The autumn edition of this initiative, sponsored by Grassano, saw kids from schools in and around Predosa focusing on sport and environmental education.

It is a green tradition intended for the youngest age groups, but also an opportunity to discuss the environment with our local townspeople of the future. The “Estate Ragazzi” summer camp, for the children of Predosa and Basaluzzo, is made a reality by teachers from the “L’Isola del Sapere” (Island of Knowledge) association, in collaboration with the “Cooperativa ERICA” (Cooperative for Environmental Education, Research, Information and Communication). It concluded last Friday with the traditional end-of-camp party, open to children and their parents. Stefan Roda and Mariangela Latini were there to represent Grassano, which this year, as in the past, contributed to bringing the project to fruition.

The camp lasted a total of eight weeks and involved approximately fifty children. This year, as in previous years, one of the many activities offered by the organisers was an eco-educational workshop developed by the ERICA Cooperative and provided by the camp’s recreational coordinators. Through play and short in-person lessons, the programme offered activities dealing with and developing the themes of proper waste management, sustainable mobility, protection of our local areas, and keeping our green places clean.

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