We are looking to expand our internal workforce by adding a LABORATORY SUPERVISING TECHNICIAN.

This individual will be assigned to the internal laboratory, where they will be responsible for carrying out instructions issued by the company's technical directors, who will be their immediate supervisors.

This individual will plan and provide support (based on weekly production needs) for:

  • the management, sampling, preparation and analysis of waste samples (both incoming and outgoing from the facility);
  • managing the maintenance of the laboratory equipment (will be responsible for the maintenance schedule and planning and recording maintenance that has been performed);
  • managing the provisions of the A.I.A. (Integrated Environmental Permit) and of the Monitoring and Control Plan;
  • waste characterisation and classification according to type.

They will engage in regular training sessions and business trips to the Riccoboni Holding Group’s Grassano S.p.A. plant, at intervals determined by the company's technical directors, in order to acquire the skills necessary to fulfil the requirements of the assigned role and to facilitate the exchange of professional skills between different Group hubs.

Requirements: science degree (chemistry, biology)

The ideal candidate will be proactive, flexible, scrupulous, possess leadership skills, be teamwork oriented, and have an aptitude for personnel management.

Start date: immediate

Job location: the Eco.Impresa Srl hub in Ostuni (Brindisi)

CCNL (National Collective Bargaining Agreement): Environmental Hygiene

Salary grade: consistent with the candidate's actual experience and skills.

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