The project is continuing to redevelop the outdoor area of the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris, which began last summer with the grand opening of the Gabri Playground.

In the afternoon on Wednesday 20 April, the planting ceremony was held for 10 Liquidambar Styraciflua, commonly known as American sweetgum, by Riccoboni Holding, attended by Cecilia Strozzi, the Environmental Councillor of the Municipality of Casale Monferrato. Planting these trees is part of the project designed in collaboration with J Basket Monferrato to redevelop the outdoor area of the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris, which saw the development of the Playground named after Gabriele Fioretti and also involves the creation of a mural through a contest by students from secondary schools in Casale. Nine of the ten plants were placed in the arena’s car park and one was planted by the entrance gate to the Gabri Playground to symbolically unite these two initiatives.

The partnership between Riccoboni Holding and JB Monferrato was also strengthened by the unveiling of the new kit shorts, featuring the company’s logo on the left-hand side, for the rest of this season and all of next season. The last tree was symbolically planted by Nicole Riccoboni, Riccoboni Holding’s Marketing Manager, to seal Riccoboni Holding’s commitment to the project to redevelop the area.

The honours were done for JB Monferrato by their CEO, Savino Vurchio: “The grand opening of the Gabri Playground was the first exciting moment of redeveloping the area, and now by planting 10 trees we will also add more colour to the car park, making the area more alive. We are absolutely delighted that the Riccoboni family has committed to our project and is supporting us with greater conviction after our first year of mutual understanding. Over the past weeks, we have also launched the contest for young people from secondary schools in Casale to design the mural which will be painted next to the playground. Seeing young people playing on the outdoor playground makes us very proud of the path we have undertaken in actively supporting the young community in Monferrato. Young people are our future and we will increasingly focus our efforts to help them as they grow as athletes and human beings”.

Nicole Riccoboni, Riccoboni Holding’s Marketing Manager, explained: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to combine our support for the team with working to redevelop the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris, something which will benefit the entire community, because it perfectly symbolises the goals we believe in for corporate social responsibility: to improve the quality of the environment and the quality of life for present and future generations. With J Basket, we have created a project focused on young people: those on the youth teams, but also all the students who will take part in the contest to create the new mural for the playground. The trees we have planted will make this area greener but, above all, they will help us to remember that all of us can do so much to improve the future of all these young people, while also helping protect the environment and use natural resources responsibly”.

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