The Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) that regulates the operations of Eco.Impresa, the Ostuni-based storage, recovery and treatment plant for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, has been renewed by the Province of Brindisi.

Eco.Impresa’s AIA permit had been initially issued in August 2015. The renewal now ensures operations for another 12 years, until 2034, given that the company’s environmental management system is certified to UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.  

For the first time, the audit included the R12 recovery operation in the AIA of this multi-purpose hub, adding to the credentials of Eco.Impresa’s commercial offering and providing opportunities for the opening of new recovery-oriented disposal chains. With R12 activity, authorised operators can carry out all the necessary pre-treatment operations – preceding materials recovery – to reduce waste amounts going to final disposal, thereby boosting the proportion going to recovery.

The audit and renewal procedures were carried out through a “Conference of Services” convening all the relevant authorities and this was the first time the plant’s compliance was assessed against the Best Available Techniques (BAT) conclusions laid down in 2018 by the European Commission, certifying that the plant and operating conditions comply with the applicable legal requirements for use of BATs to prevent or reduce emissions and the impact on the environment.

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