The periodic Integrated Environmental Authorisation renewal and audit procedures came to a successful close. Known in Italy as the AIA, the authorisation regulates the operations of the Grassano multi-purpose facility for industrial waste management located in the Alessandria-province town of Predosa. 

The AIA, the renewal of which was formalised by decision of the Department of Environment, Traffic and Transportation of the Province of Alessandria, is now valid for 16 years, until 2038. This is because Grassano has voluntarily adopted the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, a European standard that enables participating organisations to assess and improve their environmental efficiency by providing verified information on their environmental performance to control authorities and the public at large. 
The audit came as a result of the natural expiration of the previous authorisation and subjected the company to a stringent confirmation process and checks of a “Conference of Services” convening the various different authorities involved. The examination also ascertained the facility’s suitability regarding the new Best Available Techniques, or BATs, for waste treatment, established by decision of the European legislator in 2018 as the benchmark for authorisation conditions. 

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