KilometroVerdeParma (Parma’s Green Kilometre) is a not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to create new permanent woodlands in the Province of Parma, thus helping to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to reduce fine particulate matter and noise pollution and to improve soil and air quality, biodiversity and the well-being of local residents. This commitment began with the association's desire to environmentally regenerate the stretch of the A1 motorway that runs through the city, then expanded to include the planting of trees throughout the province, with a plan that envisions the bedding out of 20,000 plants each year.

Riccoboni Holding has chosen to join the Consorzio Forestale (the Forest Consortium) as a supporting member, so as to assist with this ambitious operation to create new perennial forests in the Province of Parma. Indeed, it is in the Spip district of Parma, not far from the motorway corridor, that our Group's central office—from which it manages its projects for special waste treatment, environmental recovery and the remediation of contaminated areas across Italy—is located.

The care that the Riccoboni Group puts into constructing circular economy models and its commitment to protecting the environment are further demonstrated by its participation in the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (the Sustainable Development Foundation), of which it has been a member since the foundation's earliest days, and by its support for numerous projects and initiatives that promote environmental education and management.

On the occasion of its admission into the Consorzio Forestale, Marco Riccoboni, the CEO of Riccoboni Holding, had this to say:

“For over fifty years, we have been trying to build a more sustainable world for future generations by working to mitigate the impact of industrial waste on the environment and on our natural resources through remediation projects to reclaim contaminated sites and land. We are therefore very glad to be able to contribute, with our economic support and our know-how, to the development, right here in Parma, of an ambitious project like KilometroVerdeParma. Taking rapid and practical action, through projects that improve liveability and the environment for an urban community and that help to fight the effects of climate change, is an action model consistent with our commitment to taking impactful actions to foster the processes of a circular economy.”

In its first few months, the initiative has already achieved some important goals, as Maria Paola Chiesi, President of the KilometroVerdeParma Consorzio Forestale pointed out: “In our first 10 months alone, we have already gained 37 members and bedded out over 12,000 trees, a result we can be proud of, especially considering the difficulties associated with the COVID-19 health emergency. Our idea, to create a network linking all who hold dear the vision of a society that prospers in harmony with the planet, has borne fruit: by that I mean companies, public institutions and organisations, environmental groups, schools and private citizens. It is a model that is largely unique in Italy, and we hope it will inspire other communities. The key words? ‘Participation’, because a greener and more liveable world requires commitment from each of us, every day. ‘Haste’, because the actions we set in motion today will only produce concrete and meaningful results years down the line. It will be future generations who benefit from them. Lastly, ‘culture’, because it is important to make people aware of the tangible and intangible benefits of reforestation projects.”.

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