For National Tree Day, thirty-two maple, linden, ash and hornbeam trees were planted on Sunday, 21 November in Tortona, in the area around the swimming pool and the Dellepiane theatre. This completes the first stage of the “PiantiAMO il futuro” project (which translates as “Let's plant the future” with a play on words integrating the expression “I love the future”) promoted by Derthona Basket and the team’s jersey sponsor, Riccoboni Holding.
Riccoboni came up with the idea of “PiantiAMO il futuro” to celebrate in a “sustainable” way the amazing feat accomplished by the team, which finished the 2020/2021 regular A2 season in second place with thirty-four points and secured the promotion to the premier league after winning a tight finals series against Reale Mutua Torino.

Thirty-four points and as many trees planted under the project for a greener, liveable Dellepiane district, which is being redeveloped by the city of Tortona. The first two trees were planted in May while for the remaining ones it was preferred to wait until the dormant season for optimal rooting.

The schools of the city of Tortona and adjacent areas come into play now that all the trees are in place, with educational activities revolving around environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

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