To crown an important year, which saw Derthona Basket closing the regular season in second place in the Girone Verde (Green Round) with 17 victories and qualify for the playoffs for third place in the basketball league rankings, Riccoboni Holding wanted to celebrate the first year of sponsorship of the "grey jerseys" with a tribute to the city of Tortona to honour its sporting history. To this end, it decided to donate 34 trees – equivalent to the total points scored during the season – to be planted in the area around the public swimming pool and Dellepiane theatre, contributing to the redevelopment work currently under way.

The first two maples were planted on 21 May 2021 during an event which, alongside Riccoboni Holding and Derthona Basket, was attended by representatives of the Local Authorities, the Dioceses and the Police Forces. The remaining trees will be planted on 22 November 2021, the date of International Arbour Day and the best time of year for irrigation and rooting. These too will be native species, i.e., maple, lime, ash and hornbeam.

The operation has been called “PiantiAMO il futuro” (which translates as “Let's plant the future” with a play on words integrating the expression “I love the future”) and will involve a key “second half” after the planting, when the Tortona school complexes will take centre stage. They will be adopting and looking after the new trees through dedicated contests designed to stimulate interest and curiosity among the new generations in conservation of the city's green heritage.

Marco Riccoboni, CEO of Riccoboni Holding, had this to say: “Building a more sustainable world is the mission that our company has always believed in and been committed to. In order to foster greater attention towards the preservation of the environment, the development of a more circular economy and the proper use of natural resources, we have chosen to engage in the Riccoboni New Generation programme with quick, concrete actions with the potential to improve the liveability and the environment of local communities. We are therefore very pleased to donate these 34 trees to the city of Tortona, not only as a contribution to greening the city and to the memory of a great sporting season, but also because they will act as an educational tool to create a connection between the school children and the environment”.

Roberto Tava, President of Derthona Basket, added: “Taking part in this initiative gives us a great sense of pride and responsibility. Over and above seeing ourselves as a basketball team, we feel we are a link between the community and the local area, a springboard for initiatives designed to enhance the sense of belonging to the wonderful land of Tortona. These kinds of projects, which combine attention to our green resources and love for our people, are what makes us feel proud to represent and fight for the colours of Derthona Basket”.

Federico Chiodi, Mayor of Tortona, said: “On behalf of the local authorities and the whole Tortona community, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the Riccoboni family for this wonderful initiative that strengthens its bond with the local area, a bond already embodied by the partnership with Derthona Basket. The chosen location is especially significant as this particular site, once an industrial area, is being redeveloped with a new focus on sports, culture and education. This is where the secondary school of logistics is going to be located and where a new gym is going to be built. And the city's swimming pool as well as the football grounds of the Cucchi sports centre are just a stone’s throw away from here. Planting these trees is therefore a further step in the direction of a sustainable revitalization of this part of the city”.

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