A contest is now open to high school students of Casale Monferrato, who have been invited to design the mural that will be displayed at Playground Gabri, the outdoor court of the PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris sports centre.

Inaugurated in the summer of 2021, Playground Gabri was built in partnership with Riccoboni Holding, which strongly pushed for the construction of this court. The contest aims to showcase the creativity of the younger generations and infuse this outdoor play space with a youthful mood.  

The idea is to combine the logos of JB Monferrato and Riccoboni Holding and re-design them in street art style, referencing the environment, nature and ecology.

Participants will compete for a chance to see their projects on the wall next to Playground Gabri and to win season and game tickets to JB Monferrato games. The contest starts on 11 April.

For Angelo Riccoboni, CEO of Riccoboni Holding:
"The talent and creativity of our youth are amazing resources that can help us build a more environmentally-conscious and circular economy-oriented society. We shouldn’t be afraid to use these energies to see what we love most with fresh eyes. We’re willing to play with our logo in this project, which unite young people, sports and environmental education to bring a new social spot to Casale Monferrato, a home to youth talent and creativity."

Savino Vurchio
, CEO of J Basket Monferrato, adds: 
"When the Riccoboni family said ‘yes’ to financing Playground Gabri, we immediately came up with an original way to impart a distinctive identity to the area and give visibility to their brand. The idea to create a mural with JBM’s and Riccoboni’s logos immediately appealed to us as a fantastic way to give life and colour to the adjacent wall. My partners and I would like to thank Angelo and Nicole Riccoboni for being close to us and for supporting our project. This project is not just about the first team; it also involves our investment in our entire youth sector to build a positive environment in which our kids can grow."

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