The Riccoboni Group just released its very first Sustainability Report for 2021. The document is a way for the Group to solidify its environmental and social responsibility position and share it with stakeholders. 

The Report was drafted according to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the benchmark for organisations all over to world to measure and communicate their sustainability performance with the highest level of transparency.
The reporting boundary includes the four consolidated companies – Riccoboni Spa, Grassano Spa, Eco.Impresa Srl and Tecnoambiente Srl – and this Report’s first edition will serve as a tool to improve the company’s strategic approach and accurately identify its ESG policies.
In the introduction letter to stakeholders, Marco and Angelo Riccoboni, President and CEO of the Group, respectively, explain the value behind the deliberate choice to produce this first report. 
<The Report is evidence of the responsibility we feel and act upon every day towards our people, the companies we collaborate with, and the communities we operate in. This document is our way of sharing what we have done and are doing, and we look ahead with the knowledge that to actually improve the quality of life and the environment, the commitment of each of us is paramount.
Through the Report, we share our sustainability goals, our history and our values: we used performance rating to show the work done so far and clearly identify the targets that will act as the stepping stones in the Group’s development, conscious of the fact that they will be measurable and, therefore, assessable, by our stakeholders.
Our model of doing business is guided by the principle of sustainability in a holistic sense, relevant to the environment and people, inside and outside the Holding. Environmental education, supporting the health system, promoting sports and healthy lifestyles, reforestation initiatives, and development of a practical circular economy are just some of the ways we actively give back to the communities our companies are part of in a valuable way.
We believe in continued investment in research and development aimed at developing ground-breaking techniques to improve the environmental balance of treatment processes, generating sustainable innovation. Aligned around a shared mission, efforts are continuously geared towards improving company protocols for safety and the training of human capital. Our work is built around the principles of professionalism and practicality, to offer customers innovative and technologically advanced services that have the least impact on the environment. We are uncompromising on this. Inspiring the governance of the Group are the values it has lived and worked by since its origins: human capital, innovation and sustainability.
Our first Sustainability Report is, therefore, a demonstration of the contribution that the companies of the Holding are making to generate a positive impact in their local areas. We do it by assessing our progress against the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals, which unite citizens, institutions and businesses under a shared framework for action.
This work is especially useful to us, to know where we stand and design concrete goals for improvement. Change happens in small steps.>
Download the Sustainability Report 2021 (Italian version)

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