A new street basket court has sprung up next to the PalaFerraris sports arena. The court will be the training ground for JB Basket Monferrato’s youth development leagues and is set to become the new social spot for Casale's young population.

What was once an idea is now a reality thanks to the support of Riccoboni Holding, sponsor of Monferrato’s A2 league basketball club. The inauguration is just a beginning and makes way for a broader project that will see the high schools of Casale competing for the best redesign of the Riccoboni logo in street art style and to have their work painted on the wall next to the playground.

The playground was built in memory of Gabriele Fioretti, a long-time manager in the Casale and Milan basketball scenes who died prematurely in 2014.

Angelo Riccoboni, CEO of Riccoboni Holding, had this to say:
“Making a contribution to a more sustainable world is a value our company upholds. In order to raise people’s awareness about the need to build a circular economy and about the proper use of natural resources, we developed the Riccoboni New Generation project: a set of actions that look after our communities and aim at achieving greater liveability. We are happy to have contributed to the creation of the new training facility here in Casale. The project, developed together with the club and executed using environmentally friendly materials, is especially aimed at the new generations. It’s a way to celebrate the partnership with JB, which will continue next year, and we wish the team an even more exciting season”.

Giacomo Carrera, General Manager of JB Monferrato, added:
“We are very grateful to Angelo and Nicole Riccoboni for their decision to invest in our project. From the very first telephone call with Nicole, we knew that building a playground for our youth clubs would have been a good way to connect the Riccoboni brand and its ideals to our purpose of developing a top-level youth system. There’s another stage to the project, a competition for the high schools of Casale where students will be invited to redesign Riccoboni’s logo in street art style. The winning design will be painted on the wall next to the court. What’s more, as evidence of the company’s commitment to the environment, a few plants will also be planted in the car park. As a club, we decided to name the court after Gabriele Fioretti, whom we’ll never forget”.

Riccoboni Group’s focus on sustainability, as seen in the entrepreneurial activities of the group and all its initiatives geared at creating social value for the community, will be made tangible through this project as well: several trees will be planted around the playground and in the front car park, to increase the greenery in the area.

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