For an organisation, sustainability is primarily a path about awareness that can launch a process of change which, in order to be genuine, must start with people. For our Group, sustainability is also a strategic choice for the future, which involves an investment in people, with repercussions on the processes and services we provide.
We believe that everyone who is part of the organisation should take part in creating the path towards sustainability through shared goals and tools. Training is therefore the key we have identified to support our organisation on this path of change, in line with the UN’s Agenda 2030 goals.

Who are the Sustainability Ambassadors
On 17th March, we held a training day attended by the Sustainability Ambassadors, people from the Riccoboni group who are trained on issues of sustainability, the Agenda 2030 and the company’s impact and who will be the spokespeople of this vision for all the company’s employees.

Together we discussed how to improve our performance and why it is so important to be leading figures in this change. We came out of it with commitments and proposals for how all of us can make a contribution, for our own departments and roles, to strengthen the company’s path of sustainability.

We have chosen a sustainable future and we want to create it together, through goals, commitments, measurements and actions: thank you to everyone who took part in this training day and who will share this spirit and vision with all our stakeholders, within and outside the holding company.

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