Passion and a love for the local area and all of its treasures—these are time-honoured sentiments that have grown even stronger in recent years. It is an outlook that Derthona Basket, a club that has been competing in Serie A2 basketball for seven years, and Riccoboni Holding, the new sponsor for the jerseys that the Lions will wear in their Serie A2 championship matches, have in common.

The local area, as mentioned above, is at the core of all that both organisations do, as we remain perceptive and alert to new opportunities to be seized and chances to raise awareness and appreciation for local beauty. This is Riccoboni's first season as one of the club’s large team of partners, and we are keeping track of the Lions’ fortunes on and off of the court with enthusiasm and interest.

“We hope to develop an important team game with the Lions, and especially with their fans, building a calendar of projects to benefit Alessandria and its surrounding area, where we have had a presence for years through the work of Grassano SpA, the feather in our Group’s cap,” says Nicole Riccoboni, the company's Head of Marketing. “I cannot wait to attend a home game in person, to experience the enthusiasm of the stadium and the crowd from start to finish, and to root for the Lions as they continue their journey towards the championship with the same zeal that has propelled them through this first part of the season.”

“Our relationship actually began during the last season,” Director General of the black-and-whites, Ferencz Bartocci adds, “when owner Angelo Riccoboni became a member of the Club dei Leoni (the Lion Club). It was after that, thanks to a passion for sport and our shared values—which the Head of Marketing, Nicole Riccoboni, has also pointed out—that we ended up signing a two-year agreement: clear proof of the many plans that our two organisations have decided to ‘put in play’ together.”

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