The recovery of used oils by CONOU

Last month, the Italian National Used Oil Consortium (CONOU) presented its 2022 Sustainability Report in Rome, which shows the economic, environmental and social results of the work by the Consortium and the entire supply chain.

In 2022, thanks to the CONOU System, 64,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, i.e. greenhouse gases, were saved from being released into the atmosphere, with a 43% reduction compared with the alternative production system of lubricants from oil. The report also assessed a whole major range of benefits achieved in terms of protecting the environment and people’s health.


The collection data

In 2022, CONOU collected 181,000 tonnes of used mineral oil, producing 118,000 tonnes of new lubricant bases and over 38,000 tonnes of bitumen and diesel. This result is the work of 60 service providers who collected the waste from about 103,000 holders spread all across Italy.


The circular nature of the CONOU System

The circular nature of the CONOU System also makes a significant contribution to the creation of economic value and jobs, with a total economic impact of €68.5 million as well as employment for 1,216 people, including satellite and indirect activities. Finally, the collection and regeneration of used oil resulted in a reduction in the need for fossil fuels (largely imported), with a saving of about €130 million on crude oil imports.


The Grassano hub

Our Grassano SpA hub in Predosa (Al) is also one of the CONOU supply chain operators for managing the used mineral oil supply chain. In fact, last year, CONOU renewed its supply chain contract with Grassano for the recovery and collection of used oils for a three-year period from 2022 - 2024.

This further cements our company’s commitment within one of the most virtuous Italian supply chains in the circular economy, whose results are also well-known abroad.





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