The TEA Group – The RSU Landfill in Mariana Mantovana

Construction and Management of Plants and Facilities
From 2001 to 2003, the TEA Group (“Land, Energy and the Environment” in Italian), a public service multi-utility founded by the Mantua Municipalised Services Company, appointed Riccoboni SpA to implement a significant variance, authorised by the Region of Lombardy, to the solid municipal waste disposal site it owned, located in Mariana Mantovana (Province of Mantua).

The purpose of the variance, in view of the approaching end of useful life of the lot being employed at that time, was to create a new lot for the disposal of non-hazardous municipal and special waste at the site, with an overall approved capacity of 950 thousand cubic metres.

Riccoboni SpA constructed systems for decontamination and environmental protection and carried out all of the work associated with the creation of the new lot: laying down layers of clay, polyethylene film, two HDPE liners coated with geotextile fabric, as well as gravel drainage layers; constructing perimeter embankments; cladding the interior faces of the perimeter embankments; grassing over the exterior faces; installing alternating and direct current power systems, a piezometric network for monitoring and control, and networks for monitoring biogas and leachate along with their associated systems.

Once complete, the disposal site's second sector occupied an area of 136,200 sqm, divided into 113,900 sqm of actual waste disposal (consisting of 12 tanks of varying capacity) and another 22,300 dedicated to landfill roads and green areas.